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Creative Nails

 Summer nail designs  are one of the popular thematic nail designs. Although these designs use summer as main theme of the designs, it does not mean that you only can use these design when you are in summer season or summer holiday. You still can use these designs in other conditions, even you can use the summer design on winter season. It can happen because these are just the theme, so you still can apply the design in all conditions.

If you see in clothes or other designs in 2016, you will find that summer designs are so identical with bright color combinations and any pictures about beach and sun. Actually, the summer nail designs also use those color combinations and thematic pictures. If you want to use the color combinations of summer theme, surely it will not be hard. You only need to buy any bright nail paints and make your own creative nails designs.

But, it will be a little bit harder to apply any pictures of summer nail designs because you will work in narrow work field. In this case, you will make your nails as your canvas, so you have to be careful in drawing the small pictures. Surely, making some sketch can be so helpful before you work with any nail paints. Even those may be hard, but you will be satisfied when you see the result.


nail art Fall nail art 2013 is one of the good choices for you to use in this fall season. This nail art is use the fall season for its main inspiration. It can be from the nature, the trees, the leaves or something else. It is quite popular especially when it is on fall. In this article you will understand deeper about fall nails art.Fall nail art designs can used any kinds of colors. However, it is usually brown and yellow color. It is because these two colors are dominant in the fall season. The designs of the fall are various but, it is usually about leaves. Most of the designs in 2017 show the picture of falling leaves. It is because the falling leaves are most dominant thing happens on the fall.

There are many kinds of fall nail art. Each of them is unique and describes the fall season perfectly. You can find the designs on magazine, internet or books. If you still don’t satisfied with the designs, you can also make your own fall nail art design 2017 by yourself. You can take the inspiration from everywhere. You do not need to make the design hard and complicated, just make it simple.

Nail Designs Prom nail designs 2017 are the best and the most things that you have to pick for your special prom night. Prom night is the important night for youth, especially girls, as they can show their appearances off with other youth, so it is important to be dazzling in that event. Considering about dress for prom night might be so common, and it might be not enough for just wearing a luxury or trendy dress, so you have to put some of pretty nail art design to your fingernails.

By applying prom nail designs, you will not only look dazzling, but also your friends will be jealous with your appearance, and you will be a hot topic among them. You can go or call for a nail art artist if you want to make your fingernails look fabulous; also, you can ask them a certain design that you really want to be added to your nails. However, if you are capable to do the nail art, you may make it by yourself. Thus, prom nail designs will not only just make you look fabulous, but it also can change your appearance and change the whole prom night event into more memorable and amazing one.

 Red nail designs 2017 are very commonly used by people with light skin. The hot red color just flows together with the light skin and it will make your skin looks even hotter. The red color is not only spicy, it’s also sexy that will make people fall in love with adrenaline pumped. Red is not only used for outfits, shoes or heels, bags, etc, but using red as the main color of red your nail design is also challenging.

There are many designs you can create with red nail polish 2017. For example, you can use the red nail designs and mix it with some black polish color. You can start creating roses and beetles pattern on your nails. You can use different design to each finger to make it more attractive. You can also put random pattern on your nails to show that each finger you have is polished uniquely different.

The red nail designs 2017 also go along with white polish color. With the color mixture, you actually can do whatever design you want on your nails. Just think about anything red, for example red berry, cherry, strawberry, tomato, etc so you can get inspiration for your nails from simple objects you think about.

 Cute easy nail designs are type of nail arts which are suitable for all women. The entire women always treat their nail as an asset of their beauty. Clean and nice nail will provide plus value for your performance. First, you have always to use abase coat before applying nail polish. This will provide initial protection on your nails.

Then, you can select a safe nail polish and color to your favorite. To make nails are always clean and healthy, you must choose nail polish with a soft color like beige, pink beige, clear, baby pink or rose color. It is better for you not to choose bright colors like plum or red for Cute easy nail designs because it would look very ugly when the color is chipped from the nails.

Before applying cute easy nail designs, try to avoid shaking your nail polish bottles before using it because it can affect air bubbles appear and also cause the final results are not perfect. The best way is that you should roll the bottle in the palm of your hand before you use it. You can pick nail polish ideas that has a small metal ball inside the bottle. When you shake it, the small ball is useful to combine the color of nail polish to be perfect.

 Nail Ideas Fall nail designs are different than other nail designs since in fall nail design you’re demanded to use more creativity. The fall nail arts are very complicated compared to single color nail polish because this design needs you to concern about the detail. From the difficulty, you will also get a satisfying nail art because this nail design is intended to those who does not only want something fun on their nails, but also something artsy and classy.

To get the fall nail designs you should learn from the expert. Since you can’t finish the nail art in a minute due to its details, you should use other media to do your nail art so when you’re failed with your first experiment, you can just try again and again without harming your nails. Remember that you’re strongly recommended to polish your nails a week after you clean it to keep the health of your nails.

Don’t polish your nail with other designs right after you clean out the previous nail polish because when you do, your nails will become fragile. The fall nail designs will show that you’re creative and you care about small details. If you love art, you’d love fall nail designs on your nails.

Acrylic Nails Acrylic nail designs come with a range of options. This condition may make you get confused to determine which one to choose from. To get the best acrylic nail art, it takes you to be familiar with many kinds of design. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get something special when doing nail art. Right before you start the nail art project, here are several things you need to do.

The first one is about creating your own design or has the job done. If you have skill on drawing, then you can do your own design. Inspiration may come from many things such as picture of the one you love. Another thing you should do when talking about acrylic nail designs is to look for nail artist who have some special skills. This thing is important as design of nail art depends on something like creativity.

Among many things you should not ignore when it comes to acrylic nail designs is to prepare anything that you need to start the project. Not only does it take you to have nail clipper, but also acrylic powder and liquid. That is some important points to take into consideration if you want to have good acrylic nail designs.


 Nail art Hello kitty nail art is one of the design of the nail art. It is quite popular right now. The inspiration of the design is based on the Hello Kitty. Hello kitty is a fictional cat character from Japanese. It is a female cat. Hello Kitty is known for its cuteness look which makes it popular among girls and woman. It is created in 1976.hello kitty nail art is a good choice for girl and women too. Most of the designs are cute. You can find it in internet, books and magazine. Some of the designs are painted based only, while some of them are use additional things. There are also have varieties in color too. So you do not need to worry about the white color that is usual to use.

Most of the Hello Kitty nail art that are painted based are bit hard to make. It is because you need to draw the hello kitty, it is a obstacle for them who can’t draw. You do not need to worry about it. You can use sticker. There are many kinds of hello kitty nail sticker you can find in the shop.

Cute Nails Cute nails designs 2017 are special themes which are suitable for you who are teenager or want to perform cutest. Actually, cute nails do not come from nature but you have to spend a time to keep your nail. At least you have some tools which can be used in your home and in your own way. Some of those tools are brush, lotion, vitamins, manicure lotion and others. This simple treatment will make easy nail shaping which will affect to the final result.

Actually, there are some steps that you can apply in cute nails designs in 2017. The first is that you have to decide the best theme. You can use cartoon, anime, unique and heroes’ pattern in order to attract other people. As the foundation color, you can use pink and purple color.
Here you can find some good examples:

There are so many people who are willing to use cute nails designs. Some of them are cartoon and romantic themes which are combined in a harmony. You can use this cute nails in school or office in order to make all people snare of you. Combination of two colors is one of some cute color which becomes trend right now. By using two distinguished color, both of those color are have their own identity.

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